Rheingold - K Series - Instrument Cable

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K-Series Cables
The Gold Standard.

More Detail - More Emotion.

There is more to cables than meets the eye. They are the medium that your sound travels through before it moves the air around you. In order to preserve even the smallest nuances of your playing, a cable has to be made from the finest and purest materials available. The K-Series combines all we know about cable design into the ultimate instrument and patch cable for the studio and the stage.

Bring your best Sound to the Studio and the Stage.

The K-Series of cables does not only make sure your instrument's tone will always be clean and transparent, they are also rugged and ready for the road. The die-cast Neutrik plugs are the industry standard for their durability and secure connection, the outer shield of the cable protects the conductor from any mechanical damage.

Every K-Series cable also comes with our signature neoprene cable bag which easily slips into any gig bag or backpack, keeps your cable from getting tangled with others and protects it from dirt and scratches.

Our cables are assembled by hand with love and care and intensively tested one by one to make sure they fulfill our rigorous quality standards.
We make cables to suit your specific needs so that you can get the most out of your rig.

Straight and/or angled Neutrik plugs with gold-plated connectors (Made in Liechtenstein)
Pure, Highest-Grade Copper Conductor
BPA and Plasticizer-free Outer Rubber Shielding
Teflon Inner Shielding
Neoprene Cable Pouch (included with all K-Series cables longer than 1m / 3ft)
5-Year Rheingold Warranty
Customization Options
Length: 3m, 4,5m, 6m, 9, or custom-length
Plugs: Straight/Straight, Angled/Straight, Straight/Angled, Angled/Angled