Oval - Pickup for electric Bass

299.00 €

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Our Oval Pickup.
Perfecting a great Design.

Handmade. Transparent. Beautiful.

Our oval pickup is the optimal replacement for Xtender-style pickups and delivers supreme clarity, improved dynamic range and an overall beautifully balanced and open sound.

On the inside sits a dual-coil hum-bucking pickup that can be split or switched to serial or parallel modes for a wide palette of different voicings.

The case is made from finest quality pieces of ebony and padouk with a layer of walnut veneer that artfully separates the two contrasting woods.
This not only makes the pickup look beautiful, it also eliminates the noises that would otherwise result from strings touching the magnets.

With it's wide tonal palette, this pickup can deliver anything from a modern, crisp tone in fretted basses to a warm and full fretless tone. In humbucking mode, it delivers a sweet and complex yet warm balance of overtones and wholesome low-end - switch it to single coil operation and you'll get the authentic twang and warmth of a vintage J-style pickup.


Hand-wound humbucking pickup
Wooden case crafted from ebony and padouk
Compatible with most passive and active electronics and preamps


Available for 4-, 5- and 6-string basses
Neck and bridge models available

5-Year Rheingold Warranty