SHC Serie - High Class Power Cord

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Clean Power.
Clean Tone.

The Power Cord that makes a Difference.

Tighter transient response, lowered background noise, cleaner tone.

These are all the things that our handmade power cords bring out of analog amplifiers, outboard gear and monitor speakers.

Using supersized, highest-grade copper conductors and heavy duty plugs, this power cord performs exceptionally well with anything from low-current devices to the most power hungry amplifiers, reducing background noise and improving their sonic performance.

How exactly can a Power Cord make a Difference to my sound?

Background Noise: Our AC power infrastructure was designed in a time, where high-end audio components and highly sensitive studio outboard gear where still several decades away. Our power lines are susceptible to electrical and radio interference which can manifest itself in the form of a steady 50 or 60 Hz "buzz" or even a faint radio signal bleeding into our circuits.

While our products are designed to be highly resistant against any such interference, many others struggle in environments or households with low-quality power. In crucial applications like the recording studio, this can severely impact a device's sonic performance.

Transient Response: Power amplifiers pose a special challenge to power cables since their power consumption is not static, but highly dynamic. In the event of a loud transient (such as your thumb hitting the string of a bass). the power consumption of the amplifier spontaneously rises way above its average level and returns to "normal" just as quickly.

Low-quality power cables with high impedances can act as a "bottleneck" to such transients which inadvertently results in compression and or distortion of the audio signal, ultimately compromising your tone.

Improved sonic Clarity and Transparency: All of the above results in lower distortion, compression and background noise, meaning that you'll get more of your tone and less of the things you don't want.

Our power cords are handmade with lots of care and attention to detail, so they can deliver the best possible performance and take your gear to the next level.


Durable, German-made connectors
Pure, Highest-Grade Copper Conductor
BPA and Plasticizer-free, woven outer shield.
Teflon Inner Shielding
5-Year Rheingold Warranty