Rheingold BA20 - 2x10"

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The Lightweight & Punchy 2x10

No matter if you're running a Class-D amp, a solid state rig, a tube head or any other bass amplifier - the BA20 will unleash its capabilities.

Many speaker cabinets force their own tonal footprint on your tone. We, however, believe that a speaker's purpose is to reproduce the signal it receives as accurately and lively as possible.

This cabinet boasts impeccable transient response, supreme clarity, wide frequency response and large amounts of headroom.
All of which make it an amazing stand-alone cabinet and the perfect companion for our BA12.

The perfect Companion for Just about any Amp.

The BA20's incredible transient detail, frequency response and headroom makes it the perfect match for any kind of bass amp.
Not only does it make sure you get the most out of your amp, it makes your tone come to life.

No matter if your have a Class-D, Class-AB or tube amp - you have never heard your tone like this: Without anything taken away and more alive than ever. Combine the BA12 with the BA20 and you'll not only get extended low-end and punch, your tone will be monumental.

The Drivers: Fast, Powerful, Detailed.

We wanted to create a 2x10" bass cabinet that can reproduce any bass with impeccable precision and punch.
The starting point for this undertaking was finding the perfect drivers.

These 10-inch drivers are not only powerful, they are also second-to-none when it comes to ruggedness and extremely light.

The stiff suspension, solid cast aluminum basket and lightweight but powerful neodymium magnet give this speaker class-leading clarity,
headroom, and impulse accuracy.

Horizontal, Vertical, Upside-Down.
Stackable & Secure.

The hard plastic corners of the BA20 are not only for protection, but also serve as its feet. On top of that, they also interlock so that you can stack multiple Rheingold cabinets without having to worry about them slipping.

Plus, they not only have feet on the bottom and top, but also on the sides! This means that you can use our cabs in any orientation you please.

Constructed for Ultimate Sound & Durability.

The body of a speaker is not only what holds the speakers in place, it is the most important part of the speaker's sonic signature, frequency response and sonic accuracy.

The body of the BA20 is made from the finest European plywoods and does not only give it its amazing sound, it also keeps it lightweight and durable.

The bass reflex ports are precisely tuned to the 10-inch woofers so that any port turbulences are eliminated and the BA20 achieves the fastest possible transient response.

Total LIGHT-Weight: 14 kg / 31 lbs

Simple. Bold, Eye-Catching.

The finish of our cabinets is not only durable, it comes in three different colors, too! You can choose between a classic and subtle black,
a bright white and an intense, deep shade of red.

All finishes are achieved using biodegradable, environmentally friendly lacquer that is both pleasing to the eye and resistant against bumps and scratches.

Our speaker cabinets are crafted by hand in Duisburg Germany and each have to undergo critical listening tests before making it onto the road.
This way, we can guarantee that every single BA20 lives up to the Rheingold standard.


Power Handling: 600 W
Impedance: 8Ω
Frequency Response: 42 Hz - 7 kHz (+/-3dB)
Weight: 14 kg / 31 lbs
Dimensions: 400 x 600 x 370 mm

Two 10" Woofers


Front-mounted reflex Ports allow placing the BA20 closer to Walls
Asymmetrically Offset Carrying Handles for easy carrying
Input and Output Terminals with Speakon™ Plugs
Acoustically transparent solid Aluminum Grille
Heavy Duty structured Finish (biodegradable Lacquer)