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B300 in the Press
Rheingold B300 in "Gitarre&Bass" 03/2017
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Hear your Instrument like never before.

The B300 delivers 300 watts off all-tube power and reproduces any bass with stunning accuracy, dynamic range and vividness.

This amplifier marks the pinnacle of our product line and is the result of many years of development, sourcing of the finest components, and zero-compromise craftsmanship.

No matter if on stage, in the studio, or at home. The B300 sets a new standard in bass tone.

Studio-Quality Preamp & EQ.

The B300 comes with a uniquely designed preamp section allowing you to tastefully sculpt your tone to your liking.

One of the reasons for this preamp's unparalleled sonic accuracy, transient response, and musicality lies in the tubes we use.
We utilize a trio of hand-selected new-old-stock tubes crafted in the 1970s and 1980s because we believe in their superior durability, build quality and electrical characteristics.

The active 3-band EQ is the results of many years of development and testing with the goal to create an equalizer that always behaves in a musical way, no matter how extreme the setting.
Regardless of the bass you play, this equalizer helps you to dial in just the right amount of lows, mids, and highs while never losing any of the B300's signature clarity, dynamic range, and transient detail.


We've got something better.

We decided to forgo the traditional input gain knob in favor of a different design concept: The variable input attenuator.
This dial lets you adjust, how hot your signal is coming into the preamp while giving you precise control over the dynamic range.

Dial it all the way back to -10 dB, and you'll get the most precise dynamic response.
Gradually bring it back to 0 dB and you'll hear this preamp's subtle and musical compression and saturation slowly liven up your tone without ever sacrificing character, transparency or low-end.

Powers almost everything.

The "300" in the name "B300" is not just a marketing gimmick.
We engineered this one-of-a-kind bass amplifier to give you every single one of those 300 watts - and our handmade output transformer makes sure that the B300 delivers them regardless of speaker impedance.

No matter if you're plugging in one, two, or three cabinets at once. You'll get the full 300 Watts that this amp provides.
Our BA-Series cabinets provide the headroom, impulse accuracy, and sonic neutrality to perfectly complement the B300 and unlock the full potential of your instrument - no matter how big the stage.

Six KT120 Tubes.

The power amp section of the B300 is quite the sight to behold. This sextet of KT120 makes sure that you get all the power you paid for.
These six tubes running at 600 V in combination with the handmade output transformer give the B300's amplification stage unparalleled headroom and excellent transient reproduction.

Handmade in Germany.

The B300 is not only defined by the amazing parts that it's made of, but more so by the attention to detail and love that go into assembling them. Like all our products, it is handmade in Duisburg, Germany.



Power On/Off
Low - Mid - High
Master Volume
Input Attenuation
Standby (Auto-Standby if no instrument is connected)
EQ (Also foot-switchable)

Automatic input impedance adjustment
Active 3-band EQ
Variable input attenuation (0 to -10 dB)
Hand-selected New-Old-Stock tubes

Power Amp
300 W all-tube power amp Section
Handmade output transformer
Six hand-selected KT120 tubes by Tung Sol
Post-EQ DI-output with own winding on output transformer



Instrument input with automatic impedance adjustment for both magnetic and piezo pickup systems and Auto Standby activation when no instrument is connected


4 Speakon™ loudspeaker terminals switchable from 4 up to 8 ohms
Transformer-balanced post-EQ DI-output (XLR)
Footswitch input (EQ On/Off)

Other Features

All-alumninum body
Scratch-resistant large-grain powder coating (black)
Vibration-absorbing solid rubber feet
Air-convection channels and ventilation grid allow for completely fan-less operation

Dimensions & Weight
Weight: 21 kg (46 lbs)

Power Input

Available for 100-120 v and 220-240 v regions
German-made, highest-grade toroidal power transformer