KRAFT3 - 9V Power Supply

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Unlock the full Potential of your Pedalboard.

Say Goodbye to Humming.

We've all been there. Your new pedalboard is all wired up, you plug it in for the first time, and... it's humming. Then follows researching which one of your pedals, cables or power supplies is causing it - only to find that one of your favorite pedals is humming non-stop whenever you plug it in.

In most cases, this boils down to the power supplies you use and the interference they can bring into your signal path. Depending on the level of base-interference already present in the power coming from the wall outlet, you can never be quite sure if your setup will hum in the next venue you'll be playing at.

To solve this once and for all, we set out to make the quietest, most stable and most reliable 9V power supply ever. The result is the KRAFT series.

KRAFT3 offers three 9V outputs with two of them operating at 300mA, and one operating at 600mA. That way, all common effects pedals can be powered and the 600mA output can even be used to daisy chain up to 3 pedals to it using a power snake.
All three outputs are isolated, preventing interference between devices and eliminating background noise.

The oversized, German-made transformer guarantees supreme reliability, stable current and makes the KRAFT3 practically indestructible.


9V Power Supply with three balanced Outputs (Center negative)
2x 9V @ 300mA
1x 9V @ 600mA
Supersized components make KRAFT3 resistant against power surges and other harmful interference
Available for 200-240V and 100-120V regions
Cast-Aluminum Case with Scratch-resistant Powder Coat Finish
Fuse Protection
Green Power LED
Removable/Replaceable Rubber Feet
5-Year Rheingold Warranty