K Series - Patch

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The Rheingold K Series instrument cable is our best cable for any type of instrument.

We have developped a cable which lets the „voice“ of your instruments be heard and which does not influence the natural sound and which is robust and durable.

- direct, dynamic, lossless signal transmission
- durable, robust and resistant
- suitable for home, studio and live on stage
- 5 years of Rheingold-warranty

35 years of experience in producing cables for different areas of application are the basis for the development of this cable.

The materials have been chosen to resist disturbing signals and to be resistant and durable while using the cables live on stage.

For the cable cords we are using only copper oft he highest quality. The special thermoplastic material for the cable coating is protecting the cable from wear and does not contain plasticisers.
The special construction of the conductor transmits the sound directly, dynamically and losslessly.

The sound and tone has an incomparably clearness and transparency throughout the whole frequency spectrum.

The attack, single notes and chords are perceived in a better way, which leads to an more musical playing.
Using these cables you are able to hear the true and real sound of you and your instrument and will make use of the complete range of your amplification system.

Look and see… and hear, and let your ears decide!