GP2 - 2-Band Guitar PreAmp Pedal

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The Rheingold Sound for Acoustic Guitars and Instruments with Piezo Pickups.

Simple yet Powerful.

The handmade, all-analog GP2 makes the Rheingold Sound more portable than ever before and has been designed to make instruments with piezo pickups more full, vibrant and balanced. This small and rugged pedal will make sure that your tone never lacks transparency or substance - on any stage, in any studio.

Like with all of our products, only the finest components available make it into the GP2 to ensure best-in-class dynamic range, sonic detail and transparency while completely eliminating any and all background noise.

It can be powered with any standard 9v power supply or even a 9v battery and its compact enclosure makes it a perfect addition to any pedalboard.

The GP2 employs a boost-only active 2-band equalizer that dynamically changes its characteristics as you adjust the amount of bass and treble.

Both bands' basic frequencies have been carefully chosen to sound and act very musical on any kind of piezo-fitted instrument so that no level of boosting will result in your instrument sounding harsh or boomy.

Just plug in any acoustic guitar, mandolin or acoustic instrument and hear your sound open up and come to live as soon as you start dialing in the bass and treble level. As you increase the gain of either frequency, you will notice that the mid-range will be adjusted accordingly to achieve optimum clarity and transparency at any boost level.

Pristine, all-analog Circuitry
Ultra-Low Noise Floor and Compression
Active 2-Band Boost-Only Equalizer

Base Frequencies: Bass - 90 Hz, Treble - 3.5 kHz
Maximum Boost: 12 dB
Frequency response: 10 Hz - 35 kHz

Sturdy and durable Cast-Aluminum case with Scratch-resistant Finish
True Bypass
Foot Switch with integrated Status LED
Compatible with all standard 9V Power Supplies (Center negative)
Up to 400 Hours of Battery Live with a single alkaline 9V Block

5-Year Rheingold Warranty

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions: 120 x 90 x 35 mm
Weight: 400g (0.88 lbs)

9V battery sold separately