BBHC Series - High Class Speaker Cable

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High Class Speaker Cable

The Final Cable in your Signal Chain can make a difference.

The connection between your amplifier and your speaker cabinet(s) is just as important as all of the others before it.
What use is a pristine sounding rig that is bottlenecked by a sub-par speaker cable which can limit dynamics, impart distortion and even be harmful to your amplifier.

To make sure your setup sounds as good as possible from your instrument to your speaker cabinet, we have developed the BBHC-Series, the ultimate speaker cable for bass amplifiers, PA-systems and passive studio monitors.

With the highest quality copper, robust nylon mesh outer shielding and minimal impedance, BBHC will make your bass rig, PA-system or monitor speakers sound more dynamic, improve transient response and will last you for live. No matter how demanding the application, BBHC delivers supreme performance at any wattage.

Pristine Sound for the Stage and the Studio.

BBHC delivers supreme dynamic range, transparency and sonic depth with the durability to match.

It is the ideal cable for your bass speaker cabinets, studio monitors or PA-systems - wherever sound quality is of the utmost importance to you.


Neutrik Speakon™ plugs with gold-plated connectors (Made in Liechtenstein)

and locking mechanism
Pure, Highest-Grade Copper Conductor
BPA and Plasticizer-free outer woven Nylon Shielding
Teflon Inner Shielding
5-Year Rheingold Warranty