Stronger Together.

Becker Schmitz & Rheingold

In 2016, artist extraordinaire Beckerschmitz teamed up with us to create a very unique version of our critically acclaimed BA12 bass cabinet.What resulted is the BA12 Stardust Edition finished with a hand-mixed sparkle lacquer that contains tiny, multi-colored metal particles for a sparkle that has to be seen to be believed.

K. Basses & Guitars

German luthier Knut Reiter has been a dear friend and partner of ours for years.Over the years, we have frequently showcased our products alongside his fantastic sounding instruments.Now, our collaboration has reached another level.K.Basses became the first luthier to use the BP2 onboard preamp in the basses he builds (including the one he plays himself).

Franz BassGuitars & Ralf Gauck & Rheingold

Stunning Luthiery on the outside, Rheingold inside.

The initial request by Ralf Gauck to get a custom-made Rheingold pickup for his Franz Basses "Sirius" signature fretless bass sparked a long-standing collaboration between luthier Xaver Tremel and us.Since the inception of Ralf's first signature bass, we have created another custom pickup encased in a wooden finger ramp that is featured in Franz Basses' second Ralf Gauck signature bass - the fretted "Sirius RG".Both basses not only sport our pickup, but are also wired by us. Rheingold wiring, pickups and even the BP2 active onboard preamps are now available as custom options when ordering one of Xaver Tremel's beautiful basses.

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