Your Tone, brought to Life.

We believe that making musical equipment is just as much of an art form as it is to make music. We believe that these products should serve to elevate your musical self and help you feel more connected to your playing.We create amplifiers, speaker cabinets, cables, pickups and pedals that enable you to get the most out of your instrument and rig without taking anything away. Our products sound alive, nuanced, transparent and respond to even the slightest nuance of your playing.Helping you create the sound you always imagined, elevating your artistry and providing you with products that will last a lifetime is what drives us.We don't sacrifice quality for bigger profit margins. We create products that we love - for the love of music. This is what Rheingold Music stands for. Products without compromise. Handmade in Germany.

We won't settle for "good enough".

Every Product is our Passion Project.

When working on a new product, there is one question that drives us: "Have we done everything in our power to make this the best product we can conceive?"

Everything from conceiving a product, to selecting the perfect components, to our rigorous testing and measuring is driven by our motivation to create products that set a new standard in their category.

Cables, amplifiers, speaker cabinets, pickups - every product we make has been engineered for immaculate sonic precision and reliability.

They're not only products, they express everything we stand for.

The Rheingold Warranty

We are confident in our products but we've also got your back if something does go wrong. During development, we put all our products through rigorous tests to make sure they can live up to the Rheingold name and withstand the challenges and abuse they'll face once they go on the road or into the studio.

No product ever leaves our workshop without being properly tested and checked for quality. That way we can make sure that our customers are not only receiving a great product, but one that lasts a lifetime.

For the rare case that something unforeseeable does happen to a Rheingold product that you purchased, our 5-year warranty has you covered!

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